What the Stylehouse Kitchens design team can do for you...

  • Take your kitchen design through from a concept to the final stages of installation.
  • Understand the organic nature of kitchen design. We are not precious about our design, it is our job to fit around you not for you to fit around us.
  • Produce a design to maximize your budget. We can direct your spending into the areas most important to you.
  • 3D visualization. We can produce computer renderings to help you picture the project. We have just taken possession of powerful new design software 'Microvellum Cabinet Maker'. This will enable us to provide you with visualization unrivaled by any other designers in NZ.

Our areas of expertise include;

  • Design functionality and kitchen ergonomics. How to make your kitchen work for you.
  • Extensive product knowledge. Selecting the best systems for your needs.
  • Installation planning. Having installed many kitchens between us we can foresee any problems that may arise and prevent them occurring in the first place.
  • Trade co-ordination. We can plan and design around any electrical, plumbing or building work that is needed.
  • Manufacturing. Our cabinet making experience means the transition from design to reality is a smooth and reliable process.
  • Simon and Guthrie have over 30 years combined experience designing and building kitchens in many different styles. Simon has a stronger lean to the contemporary and Guthrie to the traditional styles so whether you are renovating a modern apartment or a classic villa we have it covered.
  • Bathrooms, entertainment suites and furniture designs as well as kitchens.

How does it work?

  • Upon instructing us to design your kitchen we will meet with you on site if possible and have an initial consultation. Here we will discuss ideas, needs, wants and aspirations.
  • We will talk about your budget for the project and a site survey will be made.
  • From this first meeting a concept and quote will be prepared.
  • The plans can then be viewed at our showrooms or purchased for a fee depending on the complexity of the project. If you decide to use Stylehouse Kitchens to manufacture your kitchen any design fees will be refunded to you when you lay down the deposit.
  • Your plans will be refined until you have the kitchen you want for the price you are happy with.


Computer image of design on left and the finished product on the right.


Design tips

Do your research. Ask around your friends, get some recommendations. Have a think about what you ‘need’ and what you would ‘like’. Maybe jot down a few rough floor plans.

Appliances. Think about having a raised oven. Under bench dish drawers can be much easier to access than standard dishwashers. An appliance cabinet with a roller or bi-fold door can hide away toasters etc while not in use.

Take this opportunity to move and increase the number of power points in your kitchen. You never seem to have them in the right place or have quite enough do you…? Maybe you need a spot to recharge phones.

There are many options available for corner cabinets. A pull out system can save a lot of clambering around in the dark.

Consider a pull out bin under the bench. A bin drawer next to the sink can be very handy indeed.

A set of drawers in the base of your pantry can provide very useful storage. Organizing your ingredients has never been easier!

A stone or Stainless steel benchtop will last a lifetime and is worth the extra investment. Granite or similar composite is hard wearing and heat/water proof so is ideal for use around the sink and hob areas.

Ask for your cabinets to be fitted to the ceiling. This costs a little extra but eliminates the need to clean that nasty little dust trap between the top of the units and the ceiling.

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